Freitag, 26. Februar 2016

... and here we go! Building a Zynthian Part 1: Parts, parts, parts...

 I decided to build two Zynthians. Fernando released a BOM at,

Also I will build two Synthians, the following order list is only for one!

Order 1:

Fer had some PCBs and cables so I ordered the following from him:

  • 2 * Zynthian Controller PCB
  • 1 * Zynthian 2_in_1 PCB
  • 1 * Zynthian Main Bus Ribbon Cable
  • 3 * Zynthian Mini Ribbon Cable

Order 2:

Parts from

Order 3:

Parts from

What's missing

Ok, missing is a little bit wrong: I already have four 20 steps Rotary-Encoder and four knobs. If you want to build a Zynthian don't forget to order these parts!


Ok - that's it (for now). Now I have to wait until the postman is ringing.


  1. Any progress on this project?

    1. Oh yes!
      I forgot to ducument it here... I have written a manual for building a Zynthian:

      There is much more to read at

      Until now i have two Zynthians running. I am trying another software for using with Raspi (2/3) and Hifiberry audio card, but this is currently more a testing version.