Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

Arduino drives digital locomotives (Maerklin Motorola II)

After trying to write my own interrupt timer service sketch for generating Maerklin Motorola (II) protocol for my model railroad I found a message from a guy who had done this already: (sorry, german only). We changed some email an I tried to get his sketch running. After some (self made) trouble it works fine for me. The code was working but it was not very good organized. So I asked him to make a Sourceforge project of Maerklino (now it is called Ardurail to avoid traddemark problems) and began to rewrite.

And here it is:

Until now we haven't released any files but you can check out the (hopefully) working development version from SVN. The last changes I made were to put the whole code into a class so that it later can be distributed as a simple library. Also I added some functions for better control of the devices.

The next step will be (after testing the actual code): Writing a derived class which implements the P50 protocol (currently it is a method inside the class) and than a derived class for SRCP (see