Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Play MIDI files on an Arduino with a Fluxamasynth shield / MIDI to Fluxmasynth converter Version 1.0 is ready for download!

After getting some new ideas how to convert MIDI files for the Arduino/Fluxamashield I am very proud to present version 1.0 of a Perl converter. This one can read MIDI files in format 0 or 1 (it implicitly converts 1 to 0 before converting to Arduino C++ code).

Version 1.0 doesn't need midicsv-tools anymore. It uses the (very nice!) MIDI library of Perl. You can get it from CPAN or try to look for a package at your Linux distribution (e.g. "libmidi-perl" maybe the right search pattern). Also included is the Arduino sketch for playing the converted data.

You can download midi2fluxama-1.0 from Sourceforge.

If you have some right-free and/or "free" licensed MIDI files (or converted files) which sound amazing on the Fluxamaynth it would be nice if you will add them as examples for the converter.

The next steps will be the support of reading the Arduino-Byte-Data from a file on SD for supporting longer and more than one songs.