Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

Arduino MIDI Arpeggiator?

Has anyone code for a MIDI-Arpeggiator which can be used on an Arduino? I know that ther is a guy who built his own Arpeggiator - really nice piece of hardware. But I only need an arpeggiator class. The UI maybe a LCD and some buttons...

I think I will write one on my own. But currently there are other goals.

Arduino - Music - MIDI - Fluxamasynth: My current project

I was just ordering a shield which seems to have the same power as my old Roland D-110: Fluxamasynth (see There is a library for the shield which plays sound via MIDI (pin 1/2) and there is a port of the library which uses NewSoftSerial so you can use other pins than 1/2 (and you can use 1/2 for debugging output).

I also adopted the MIDI library to use NewSoftSerial as backend (instead of Hardware Serial) but until now I had no time to test this. I hope I can do this when I get my Fluxamasynth shield.

Actually I have written a simple sketch which uses both libraries to get midi data from an external keyboard and sends it to the Fluxamasynth shield:

#include <NewSoftMIDI.h>
#include <Fluxamasynth_NSS.h>
#include <NewSoftSerial.h>

Fluxamasynth synth; // uses pin4 for midi-in and no pin for midi-out
NewSoftMIDI midi(7,255); // uses pin 7 for midi-in and no out pin 

void HandleNoteOn(byte channel, byte pitch, byte velocity)
  if (velocity == 0)

void HandleNoteOff(byte channel, byte pitch, byte velocity)

void setup()
  synth.programChange(0, 0, 40);

void loop()
Note: This is currently untested!

If someone likes to test the NewSoftMIDI library, please contact me!